1o8 Launches New Community for Ecommerce Experts

One of our core values here at 1o8 is to grow and share our expertise in all things digital marketing and ecommerce. 1o8 prioritizes an always-learning mindset, where our team culture fosters curiosity and no one is afraid to ask a question or lean on others for support. We’re experts at what we do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from others in our industry and business community with one goal in mind — to bring the best service to our clients. It’s just one of the reasons we’re a top-rated digital marketing company in Chicago.

To further this mission of growing and sharing our expertise — specifically in the Amazon Marketplace and Ecommerce Optimization realm — 1o8 founded a new online community for the thought leaders, visionaries and subject matter experts working in ecommerce today. It’s called EcommInsiders, a new and exciting Slack channel for the thinkers, doers and makers working in ecommerce.

EcommInsiders is just one of the ways the team at 1o8 is constantly learning and sharing ideas with the best of the business. Current members include Ryan Flynn, founder and CEO of Charmac. Charmac helps brands simplify selling on the Amazon Marketplace.

“I joined this channel to learn and give back to others in the ecommerce industry,” Ryan explained. “It also provides a great virtual opportunity to network within and outside the Chicago business community.”

EcommInsiders is open to new members – if you work in the ecommerce space, are looking to build your network and grow your expertise in this industry from others across the map, we’d love to meet you! Apply to join at this link or reach out to us at hello@1o8.agency to be added to the channel. Cheers!

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