We have solid expertise in all aspects of digital marketing.

From paid social media advertising to copywriting, conversion optimization, data analysis, and so much more. Our growth hackers, creative types, and strategists have done it all. And done it well!

Why we’re different

Why we’re different

Our secret sauce is good, old-fashioned hard work.

Call us old-fashioned, but we still believe in building relationships, putting in the time, and working hard to win the day.

Learn more about how we work, and how you can achieve sustainable growth with 1o8.

Our Approach
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Our Values

Your trust and success are our currencies.

Read on to learn about 1o8’s stand-up team, and our mission to do right by our clients.

Think big

We cultivate curiosity, and use moonshot ideas to inspire. Then, we deliver, every time.

Experiment (and fail) quickly

We take risks to achieve larger-than-life results, and work efficiently to learn what works and what doesn’t. No time wasted.

Bias toward action

Action creates momentum. We never back down from making tough choices in the name of our client’s best interest.

Stand up for your ideas

We’re comfortable disagreeing, and do so with candor and respect. We stand by our individual experience, but move forward together when a decision is made.

Deliver results

We work with the end goal in mind, and prioritize actions that create results. We always outperform expectations, and do so with a sense of urgency.

Prioritize client needs

We anticipate customers’ needs to deliver delight. Our clients’ fight is our fight, and we take on their goals as our own.

Have heart

We treat our clients like they’re one of our own, always striving to work together – human to human.

Grow (and share) expertise

We are experts in our disciplines, working together to under the full digital marketing landscape. Through team work, we pass our knowledge on to our clients.

Inspire confidence

We succeed through hard work and unquestionable competence. We proactively learn our clients’ businesses inside-and-out to achieve our goals.

Brand Logos

Meet our team of (humble) experts.

Aalap Shah

Founder, Chief Ideas Generator

Aalap Shah is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and sought after opinion leader in all things digital marketing. He’s also the founder of 1o8 Digital.

With a passion for ideation, innovative content development and developing a digital strategy, Aalap has shared his creative expertise with clients like TOMY, Sweet Leaf Tea, Vetnique Labs and more. He has worked with more than 100 clients in the last 10 years and was an early evangelist for the inclusion of digital and social media as part of every client’s marketing mix.

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See our work

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