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Let’s strategize your promotional calendar for 2023

Take your marketing & advertising to new heights

Take your marketing & advertising to new heights

This is the most crucial time for retailers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is deal time. Consumers expect it and plan to shop for everyone in their life, including themselves. A strong November promotional campaign can draw big sales.

cultivate and grow your brand

cultivate and grow your brand

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don't take
your word
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don't take
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for it

cash flow

cash flow

How much revenue can you generate during
Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2023?

62 million shoppers

62 million shoppers

That’s right; this large number of shoppers say they will make online purchases during cyber week 2022.

Consumers use the week to handle their holiday shopping but also their personal household shopping.

Source: Statista


How profitable are Black Friday and cyber week sales?

In 2020, Black Friday generated $7.4 billion in global sales while Cyber Monday sales were even higher with $9.4 billion (Statista). Cyber Monday has evolved to take place through the entire week following Thanksgiving.

Why is Cyber Week important to businesses?

During Black Friday and Cyber Week, some retail businesses generate as much revenue as they do throughout the rest of the year. Seasonal sales can account for a majority of a company’s total annual profits. 

What businesses participate in Cyber Week?

Most major online retailers participate in Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Cyber week sales. And, smaller companies that participate are likely to see major profitability potential. 

How do brands market their Black Friday and Cyber Week deals?

Brands often run cross-channel promotions online and offline during Black Friday and Cyber Week. Retailers might use the opportunity to unveil a new product, team up with social media influencers, run PPC ad campaigns, host exclusive promotions on specific sales channels, or participate in new strategic partnerships. 

What is Cyber Week meant for?

Cyber Monday takes place four days after Thanksgiving and was created to give shoppers access to deals online as a supplement to Black Friday’s brick and mortar deals. Since the first official Cyber Monday in 2005, the promotions have grown to run for an entire week.  

What is the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Week?

Both Black Friday and Cyber Week are worldwide promotions intended to give consumers access to deals on their Christmas shopping immediately following Thanksgiving. Black Friday is mostly used for in-store retail while Cyber Monday and Cyber Week are for online sales. 

How long do Cyber Week deals last?

Promotions are run at the discretion of each online retailer. Sometimes, brands participate in “Cyber Weekend” deals that run between Friday and Monday immediately following Thanksgiving. Others run “Cyber Monday” promotions that are available on Monday only. Currently, many retailers run “Cyber Week” promotions from Black Friday through the following Friday. Some Cyber Week discounts may be “flash sales,” promotions that run for a limited time during the course of a larger promotion.

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