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About Glandex

Within a burgeoning pet care consumer packaged goods market, Glandex sought new and different ways to build brand awareness and increase both e-commerce and storefront retail sales for their all-natural patented anal gland health product.

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The Opportunity

Glandex and 1o8 worked together to audit the brand’s existing digital strategy, increase effectiveness on all paid campaigns, and improve overall e-commerce and retail sales.

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Our Approach

Within 3 months of 1o8 building out more robust campaigns across both DTC-focused campaigns as well as brand awareness, we were able to drive a 50% decrease in CPM with a 40% increase in spend. This allowed Glandex to not only increase impression volume due to the higher spend but also reach users on Facebook and Instagram more efficiently, stretching their budget further than ever before.

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The Results

Glandex + 1o8 =

  • An increase in sales at on-the-ground retailers. PetCo gave Glandex a huge end cap display resulting in increased visibility after a successful paid media push.
  • A 4x increase in our click-through-rate. New campaigns encouraged the target market to increase their engagement by 68%.
  • An increase in website purchases month-over-month by 6400% after employed a multi-tiered marketing funnel that optimized conversations without increasing expendables.

Google Ads outperformed FB (note)
Lead volume?

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A 4x increase in click-through-rate


Increased website purchases month-over-month


Increased impressions


Increase in phone calls


Online ranking

Igniting E-Commerce with Saint Emeric
1o8 and Saint Emeric worked together to grow ticket sales and boost attendance to the space’s exclusive events.

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