The Master’s Guide to Selling on Amazon (Anything From A to Z)

Guide to selling on Amazon

If you’re here, you’re interested in selling your products on Amazon. What CPG brand wouldn’t be? And, if you leverage the marketplace successfully, the financial opportunities are nearly limitless. While Amazon started as an online store for used books, the name was chosen based on a monumental vision. Bezos hoped that the company would eventually […]

To Scale, Your CPG Brand Needs to Be Online and On Shelf

We continue to hear a lot about the retail apocalypse — and with good reason. More than 9,300 stores closed in 2019, smashing the previous record of roughly 8,000 store closings in 2017. Retailers have already announced that 1,700 stores will close in 2020. Yet consumers are not abandoning retail altogether. Instead, their tastes and […]

Amazon & Retail: A Powerful Marketing Mix for CPG Brands

On Amazon, CPG brands have unprecedented opportunities to create immersive content experiences and showcase customer reviews As an e-commerce marketer, I meet owners and brand managers of CPG brands all the time. Lately, I’ve been hearing from many of them that they need to “figure out Amazon” — fast. Often, they’re frustrated. They don’t have […]

Coronavirus’ Impact on the CPG Industry & How to Reverse the Damage Already Done

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is experiencing significant disruption to the advertising and supply ecosystem right now. And, merchants wait too long snap out of the shock and do something about it, they could find themselves closing their doors permanently. But, just because its hard at the moment doesn’t mean that you should give […]

Keeping Your Spirits Up: A Guide to Digital Marketing for Alcohol Brands

Overview In 2018, the spirits and alcohol industry reached sales of an incredible $253.8 billion. That very same year, the International Alliance For Responsible Drinking was formed. The IARD comprises 11 beer, wine and spirits companies: Anheuser-Busch InBev, Asahi, Bacardi, Beam Suntory, Brown-Forman, Carlsberg Group, Diageo, Heineken, Kirin, Molson Coors and Pernod Ricard. As of […]