From Founder to Foodbevy

From Founder to Foodbevy

Jordan Buckner

Jordan Buckner is the Founder of Foodbevy, an online community offering resources to help food and beverage entrepreneurs scale their businesses. As a serial entrepreneur and startup advisor, Jordan is passionate about increasing the visibility of minority-owned and women-led businesses. His name appeared on Forbes list of 30 Under 30 food and beverage entrepreneurs in 2018.

Jordan graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with his master’s in business administration and architecture.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Jordan Buckner explains how he got into the CPG space 
  • The importance of joining a founders’ group 
  • How the pandemic impacted TeaSquares 
  • The challenges of growing a retail business
  • Jordan talks about Foodbevy and its purpose 
  • How Jordan managed his emotions and mental health after TeaSquare shut down 
  • The problems Jordan helps food and beverage founders solve
  • The retail launch strategy to help founders succeed
  • How to navigate the working capital gap 
  • What’s next for Foodbevy?

In this episode…

As a food lover, do you want to start a company in the food and beverage industry? What do you need to know to thrive in this space? 

Starting and scaling a packaged food business is challenging. As a founder in the CPG industry, Jordan Buckner faced challenges and made mistakes in building a brand that had a positive impact on the industry and consumers. The lessons Jordan learned propelled him to start Foodbevy to help CPG entrepreneurs grow their businesses by providing access to industry experts and resources. 

In this episode of the CPG Troublemakers, join host Steve Gaither as he chats with the Founder of Foodbevy, Jordan Buckner. Jordan explains how he was introduced to the CPG industry, the challenges of growing a retail business, and the solutions he provides for food and beverage entrepreneurs.

Resources Mentioned in this episode

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