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Collect partnership program insights from your entire commerce

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Share accurate data with Impact to expand & scale your partnership programs.

Affiliates Influencers Strategic Partnerships Mobile Apps Publishers Staff Promoters

Integrate your most-used  tools to automatically track visits and conversions from partner referrals,
and pay fair commissions
based on precise insights.

*We also offer UTT, API, & FTP integration for online sales.

Connect your brand assets to the leading partnership management platform.
We create Impact integrations to improve your bottom line.

 ✔️Get a more precise view of partnership efforts.

 ✔️ Access real-time data from your marketing or website dashboard. 

✔️ Stay up-to-date with organization-wide brand partnership campaign trends. 

✔️ Always see which campaigns are the most successful.

✔️ Continually improve your partnership program to drive more sales

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Impact platform do? 

Impact is the leading partnership management platform. It enables businesses and organizations to
establish, maintain, grow, and scale all types of brand partnerships: affiliate and influencer marketing
programs, strategic partnerships, mobile app partner campaigns, publisher partnerships, and staff promoters
(internal brand advocates). 

  • Do all brands need partnerships? 

Not all businesses engage in partnerships. However, partnerships are one of the most effective ways to scale
and increase brand awareness. After all, the most powerful compliment a brand can receive is a referral. 

  • Why are brand partnerships important? 

Partnerships provide an opportunity to multiply marketing efforts. As opposed to delivering all marketing
messages from inside a business or organization, partnerships provide the opportunity to scale while harnessing
the creativity of promoters outside of your organization. Not to mention, the financial risk is lower than with most
types of marketing.  

  • What happens if you don’t properly integrate your tech stack with Impact? 

Impact users who fail to properly integrate their sales tech stack with the platform can run into incomplete
or inaccurate partnership and referral data. This may lead to increased partnership program costs, decreased
program success, and unsatisfied partners. 

  • What are the benefits of technology integration with Impact? 

Integrating your website and marketing platforms with Impact ensures precise reporting — In turn, partnership
programs tend to run more smoothly. 

  • How long does it take to create Impact integrations? 

From start to finish, individual custom integrations for the Impact platform can take from a week to a month to
develop. The time varies based on the complexity of a company’s sales technology ecosystem and the ability of
all parties to communicate promptly and effectively. 

  • Can I use apps to connect Impact with my website?  

Yes. Some “plug-and-play” Impact apps and integrations are available to help you connect some of your tools
to the platform. However, the features are limited. When you need more attributes than those available with
existing marketplace apps, a custom integration provides a more robust option.

Let us help you build the Impact integration you need.

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