1o8’s Founder Aalap Shah

Aalap is featured in web, broadcast and podcast channels for his penchant for marketing, business, and entrepreneurship.



Four Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Spent

A few months ago I was talking to a 31-year-old entrepreneur, Aalap Shah, who is a co-founder of SoMe, a social media consulting company in Chicago. I have known him for a couple of years now, and this time he didn’t seem to be his usual chipper self.

6 outsourcing tips for small businesses

As most (if not all) small business owners know, you can’t do or manage everything. And some tasks (HR and accounting spring to mind) are often better left to the experts.

Of course, not every small or midsized business can afford to outsource functions, though in many cases the benefits outweigh the upfront cost. But whether you are planning to outsource or

How CEO dads cope with taking paternity leave

Earlier this year, Toms Shoes founder and CEO Blake Mycoskie made headlines for taking 12 weeks of paternity leave when his son Summit was born. “Little did I know just how much I’d grow—as a dad, a husband, and an executive—in those three short months,” he told Glamour magazine.

Complaining On Twitter May Get You Better Customer Service

Aalap Shah gets paid to scour the Internet, looking for complaints on behalf of corporate clients.

He said companies are more responsive to Twitter complaints because they don’t want them going viral.

The 19 Habits of Successful Parent-Preneurs

Running a business with children running around can be chaotic at the best of times. Talented parent-preneurs know that discipline, focus, and drive is needed to advance a business towards success.

The Old School VS New School of Digital Marketing

To consumers, digital marketing seems like just another way for companies to show you an ad, but if used correctly, it can skyrocket businesses to the top of their industries.

Tips and Insights from People Who've Built Successful Shopify Stores

1o8 focuses on direct-to-consumer brands utilizing Shopify and other e-commerce platforms to accelerate sales growth for CPG manufacturers.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for New Amazon Sellers

According to Aalap Shah, founder of the digital marketing agency 1o8, “Keeping SEO in mind while building copy and text that is user-centric is the best way to grow visibility in search on Amazon and convert the consumer.”