The Yellowstone Fragrance Collection

Ty wasn’t sure how to connect their desire to regain relevance with the growth of their nascent DTC channel

Ty came to us wanting TikTok content and followers. They had nostalgic, ravenous fans and an ability to sell well to parents of small children at brick and mortar retail, but limited success with their online store. Ty knew they needed to develop a more intentional brand presence on modern channels if they wanted consumers to shop

Behind that ask, was a need to earn relevance among modern consumers

Ty plush toys are so cute many consumers were only buying them for very young children. But with their competition performing so well with teens and tweens we knew there was opportunity to expand the age range consideration set. We knew we could expand DTC sales in what was a previously untapped market.

We encouraged
them to do 2 things:


We helped them commit to a creative brand strategy that would open up the aperture on their audience, inviting tweens and teens to embrace the brand (after all, that’s who’s on TikTok) allowing us to create against a strong brand idea to break the routine of forgettable content for content’s sake.


We developed an audio signature to tag every piece of paid content, leveraging their greatest brand equity, the word “Beanie,” and grounding it in their URL “” This made their short, one-syllable name much more audible and truly memorable.Here was an idea to give voice to the passion fans have long held for the Ty brand and encourage more fans to get excited about these collectable toys.

Every touchpoint
of the campaign:

leaned into Ty’s notoriety
conveyed a sweet, self aware sense of humor
made the product iconic by putting it in iconic spaces

“Ty Gimme Beanie Studios”

We put our adorable toys in six ambitious films under the handle “Ty Gimme Beanie Studios,” with human hands “playing” with the toys, but really, making the toys the notorious, starring cast.
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