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600% increase in TikTok Followers
37% increase in DTC Revenue
36% increase in AOV

Ty wasn’t sure how to connect their desire to regain relevance with the growth of their nascent DTC channel. They had nostalgic, ravenous fans and an ability to sell well to parents of small children at retail, but limited success with their DTC site. Ty knew they wanted TikTok content and followers, so we used TikTok as a springboard to develop a more intentional, modern brand and digital strategy designed to motivate consumers to shop Ty.com.

We opened the aperture on their audience, inviting tweens and teens to embrace the brand and allowing us to create against a strong brand idea to break the routine of forgettable content for content’s sake.

We developed an audio signature to tag every piece of paid content, leveraging their greatest brand equity, the word “Beanie,” and grounding it in their URL “ty.com.” This made their short, one-syllable name much more audible and truly memorable.

We put these adorable toys in 6 ambitious films under the handle “ty gimme beanie studios,” with human hands “playing” with the toys, but really, making the toys the notorious, starring cast. We began to build a world of iconic Beanies and the fictional lives they live beyond toydom. And made them stars, poking some fun at celebrity ridiculousness at the same time.

We engaged 50 influencers to make content with Beanies, drawing over 2.6 million completed views and over 3,600 hours of view time throughout the duration of the campaign. That’s equivalent to 300 seasons of Friends.

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