Growth Plan

Digital & Creative Strategy
Media Planning & Buying


  • 80% increase in DTC conversion rate
  • 62% increase in AOV
  • 7X ROAS on priority DTC audience segments
  • 126% increase in online retail revenue

As Mush prepared to launch nationally in big box retail, they tasked us with supporting two major pushes: 1) increasing both online retail and brick-and-mortar foot traffic and 2) driving profitable growth for their DTC subscription business.

1o8 deployed a combination of localized media, including out-of-home and audio placements, and zip code-level targeting on social media to increase brand awareness and retail traffic. Simultaneously we segmented our national DTC search and social campaigns to focus exclusively on consumers 5+ mi from retail doors.

We achieved and strictly maintained a 0% overlap between our DTC and retail audience segments. This allowed us to gain geographical and behavioral insight on the differences between Mush’s distinct customer profiles. The data helped us to develop a creative strategy that was grounded in modeling the distinction between unique occasions for subscription vs. one-time purchases.

The photography let us model occasions and make them both relatable and aspirational with examples like showing a well-stocked, healthy fridge. Simple package shots on simple backgrounds did the heavy lift on helping us guide consumers to nearby retail. And the wildly energetic and artful approach above, let us disrupt and present oatmeal in an unexpected way.

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