Undone Beauty


Cosmetics & Skin Care


  • Brand Diagnostic
  • Commerce Diagnostic
  • Brand Strategy & Comms Planning,
  • SEO & DTC Media Buying



Our brand diagnostic revealed that clean beauty brand Undone Beauty had a compelling question to answer, ‘what makes a product Undone?’ but struggled to articulate ‘what makes Undone, Undone?’ 1o8 set out to help them answer this question, and in doing so elevated their communications from product marketing to brand building.

We shaped a core brand belief: Makeup should promote self-acceptance (and we’re going to undo everything that stands in the way), and supported them with a brand archetype to inform communications and distinct, repeatable RTBs to build memory & affinity among conscious consumers.

Armed with a distinctive point of view and a compelling offer, we tailored Undone Beauty’s paid social campaigns to deliver bespoke messaging by consumer segment and journey stage, and we found unique efficiency by combing DTC and retail purchase data in a segment that delivered over ⅓ of new customer acquisition. We also executed technical and on-page SEO, including a brand belief-informed content strategy to support site traffic and brand building.
44% decrease in CAC
88% increase in ROAS
22% increase in revenue

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