join our growing team

join our growing team

our agency's not so agency-y​​

Our offering isn’t a traditional one, and neither are our people. We're a collection of diverse perspectives on the world and the work, and we love meeting candidates from all walks of life.

de&i matters to us​​

We are a minority-founded agency, and we don’t just talk the talk. We're intentionally building an inclusive team, starting with a leadership team that's made up of half women and half people of color.

your voice truly matters​

We've cultivated a deeply collaborative work environment; we've made sharing expertise the expectation. We want every member of the 1o8 team, regardless of role, to be heard and seen, and to listen and learn from each other.

we love meeting new people​

If you don’t see the kind of role you’re looking for, but think 1o8 can't live without you, please reach out to Amanda.

Open Positions

Open Positions

Account Supervisor

Remote   |   Client Management   |   Full-time   |   40 hours/week

Director of Digital
Media & Strategy

Remote   |   Paid Media  |   Full-time   |   40 hours/week

Digital Strategist

Remote   |   Strategy   |   Full-time   |   40 hours/week

director of project management

Remote   |   Operations |   Full-time   |   40 hours/week

project manager

Remote   |   Operations |   Full-time   |   40 hours/week

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