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About Undone Beauty

Undone Beauty bring what makes us beautiful to the surface. The brand’s goal is to undo what we know about product and what we know about beauty. No retouching. No cover up. Real stories. Real beauty. Enhanced by Undone.

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The Opportunity

1o8 worked with Undone Beauty to maximize the website and social media resources. In auditing their website, we understood that strong keywords and metadata would improve their website ranking. We also set out to paid ads to drive traffic to site with the goal of increasing their return on ad spend, while reducing the cost per ad.

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Our Approach

By segmenting Undone Beauty’s paid social campaigns into tiers based on the buyer’s journey and delivering unique creative tailored to each level, 1o8 was able to increase return on ad spend by 88% while reducing CPA by 44% over a 3 month period. One of the largest drivers in efficiency was attributed to 1o8’s unique access to specialized data audiences based on actual online and offline purchase data, which made up for nearly one-third of cold audience purchase acquisition.

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The Results

Traffic from organic and paid continue to improve YoY from improvements in both SEO and paid social efforts.

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Return on ad spend


Reduced CPA over a 3 month period


Increased revenue (SEO)


Increased traffic as compared to Q4 2018

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